Old Keep

Once a small triving village of over 500 now just a ghost town with the exception of a heavily fortified Keep. Town of old keep had a decently long lived history as a farming comunity peacefull and calm. the community was changed swiftly as a smooth talking wizard moved into town and set up shop. eventually as the village started seeing how good it was to have someone in the town with magical apptitude the town unanimosly elected the Wizard as the town mayor.

For years everything went smoothly as the twon started to flurish and started seeing great crops and effeciency explode. It started off slowly at first people were dissapearing hear and there. it was concerning but it was dismissed as being just a natural event of people wandering off or being obducted by any number of beasts and creatures living in the surrounding woodland areas.

a Few years after taking up the roll of mayor the Wizard starte to seclude him self more and more. He became pale and reslusive. Staying within the lab inside the keep. the lights of the keep stayed lit all thru the night and at first it was occational to hear the odd noice but as time passed, more and more people started to dissapier and the sounds became mroe and more disturbing as eery screaches, blood curtuling screams and savage roars resounded inside the keep.


1. Restoration of the Keep has begun
2. Towns people of Old keep have began cleaning up the streets and tearing down demolished buildings.

Old Keep

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