The Acurla Campagine

New Keep's new problem

While takeing a little break from our last big adventure Hemloch came accross a new job for our group. Once again it is to save New Keep. I swear that town is just falling apart.

Anyhow, apparently this little halfling came up to Hemlock and gave him a job to do something about finding this mans ring and sponge…yeah a ring an sponge… eh why not we’ll give it a shot plus they are offering 3,000 gold each for finding these things somehting tells me that this isn’t just a normal ring and sponge.

Well apparently after we asked a few questions it turns out that it isn’t just a normal ring and a sponge. Apparently the man is a best man for a wedding in a week and the sponge is magical and has the power to drain entire lakes. Well we decided to keep prying and apparently some bugbears got ahold of the sponge and the ring and have been causing some havoc with it. including draining the lake that feeds the river that feeds New Keep.

We finally get down to New Keep to discover that the village has been without water for about a month or so and that there is a new person to the village. Iv somthing they call him. We make our way over to this guy and find out that he’s actually a pretty decent person and pretty good with animals so we invite him on our quest to find this band of bugbears and get back the ring and sponge that they have taken.

I came up with a pretty damn good plan if I say so myself and find a cart at the local store borrow it two horses and some barrels and we head out to ride to Sucomber to see if we can get high jacked by this band of theives. Well, it wasn’t exactly the Bugbears that we thought we would find but we do run across a destroyed cart and a handfull of some disgusting goblins. They were easily dispatched and we even retained 3 for questioning.

It turns out that there is only one bugbear, but along with him are two ogres, some dog faced people, and a very pretty green skinned woman. We convinced them…maybe not the politest way but still effective to take us to where the bugbear is staying. After traveling thru the woods for a few hours we come over a ridge and see the lake that has been completely drained, and off in the distance is where the encampment is, says the 3 goblins. Lets hope they are right about the location and wrong about the numbers….

It turns out that so far the numbers were correct. We decided to take a break since it was close to night time. While we were asleep, making sure to keep all light out and stay hidden, 3 more goblins wandered up to the drained lake in search of food. Gaulf and I came up with a great idea to lure the goblins to us instead of just attacking them or waiting for them to leave. Our thinking is well we can take them out now on our terms or wait and fight them later on their terms. It worked immaculately, we slayed all three without anyone of them making a sound. With a full rest and a new idea we decided to approach the cave opening and lure more out to us as we were sitting there tying to figure out how to lure them out it seems that the ogre came up with an idea for us and sent out another band of 4 goblins to come find their companions. once again we took this small band out without making a sound.

It seems that our luck was on par and we might continue to pick away at their numbers if we just continue to lure them out a few at a time. Until the ogre decided that those damn goblins should be back already and started stomping into the forest with the four remaining goblins. this battle however wasn’t quite. It seemed that everyone took damage, including me but I didn’t let that stupid ogre think that it would ever be okay for him to attack me. I returned a strike every time he hit me. The good news was that we were able to take out all of the outside guards and not alert anyone on the inside of the cave.

We decided that the best option at this point would be to try and smoke out the cave inhabitants. So we went into the woods in search for wood to start a fire at the cave opening. While the rest of the group was out looking for wood Skaldred decided to stay put and keep an eye open on the cave opening. Three orcs came out of the cave looking for the ogre but found Skaldred instead. we heard the sounds of one of the orcs call out for the Ogre and we all started charging to the cave opening knowing that our mage was there alone.

The battle was quickly finished, however one of the orcs slipped into the cave to warn the others, but we didn’t let this deter us. We decided to go ahead and light the fire anyway. After 3 hours of nothing happening we decided to take a rest and regain our strength after a good 8 hour rest we broke down the fire which had been spewing thick smoke into the cave system for the past 11 hours. as we let the smoke die down we prepared for the army inside.

We entered the cave system finding nothing but two dead goblins who had choked to death in the thick black smoke. This has got to be a great sign so we continued down the hallway, ending up looking down a passage at two orcs and two gnolls arrows drawn just waiting for us. They made their pathetic pop shots but we charged the group killing 3 of them quickly leaving the last for questioning. He opened up to us realizing that we will allow him to live only if he gives us the best information and we are able to live. After finding out where the sponge and the ring are we also asked him about traps and he was up front about where he knew there were traps. Honestly, as far as I’m concerned I kind of like this gnoll. Yeah we’re on opposite sides but as long as he doesn’t harm us or give us bad information then I might just let him live and work for us at the keep.

Well we know have the information that we need now we just need to use it….

The Etten of New Keep
Two Heads Aren't Better Than One!
In recollection of toils, spoils, and good ole’ times Jax, Skaldred, and I your wiley ranger Hemloch discoverd there was some “Big” trouble in the hovel soon to be wealthy suberb of Waterdeep – New Keep. Skaldred our trusty wizard got a rookie gig from his mage guild in Waterdeep to check on a colleague Stephen Andromis. It didn’t take long to find out Stephen met a gruesome end in the hands of a giant. “You Shall Not Pass!” were unfortunately his last words followed by screams of agonizing pain, poor chap. Meeting the town’s magistrate Aranda and local constable Malwick we learned that for the past several months New Keep has been terrorized by this unruly giant. This particular giant had two heads and would destroy buildings, eat livestock, and murder the inncoent folk of New Keep. Obviously as heroes we couldn’t help but to use our finely tuned skills and slay this two headed monstrosity! Peculiar enough this beast came on particular nights, kneeling before the temple of Heronius, praying and left somewhat of a riddle on the outer wall of the temple. With the riddle in our heads and weapons in our hands we set off. It wasn’t too hard tracking the giant, especially with my superior tracking skills I might add. During the journey to the giants lair we encountered a short bearded bugger in the woods, a DWARF!!! This particular dwarf was having a bad day with a couple of nasty ogres. Long story short we made shortwork with the ogres and with gratitude Gkolf Stonelode the wise dwarf joined the party. In a clearing two hours from New Keep we discovered what was left of a town, known as Old Keep. It was in ruins, with nobody in sight. Our trail led us up the hill beyond the town to a tower. No giant to be found we investigated further inside of the tower to find remnants of victims, an alchemy lab, and an armory. Without much warning, due to Jax enjoying one of his strategically placed naps, the giant was upon us. However, he actually talked to us, not squish are heads into jelly. That would be soon however if we didn’t leave immediately. Skaldred and Gkolf Stonelode were having a chit chat with 4 eyes and discovered he was cursed. Apparently, not long ago, his group of adventurers were trying to kill an evil wizard that resided in this very tower. His companions parished except for a cowardly rogue that fled. He himself, a warrior priest of Heronius, was polymorhed and cursed into this giant or more accurately an ettin by the dying wizard. Having two heads he also had a split personailty. Asking for his god Heronius to change him back, in horror he was left to face the life of a ettin. Ignored by his god he took vengeance on others, resorting to the evil god Hexor he embraced this hate. Nonetheless, he wanted us to slay him to end this madness. Jax and I noticed that there was a lynch mob coming from the town. We tried to prevent them for their own safety from interrupting the conversation we were having. Soon we realized the only way to save him. We’d have to slay the evil head. Through some unheard of heroics, especially the crazy Skaldred, the party succeeded. The cursed ettin begged Heronius and asked for forgiveness for his sins. Prayers answered he was released from this prison. He gratefully thanked us, and left for his homeland. Funny thing is, I don’t recall his name? I guess we were too occupied with the evil head bashing our heads. The town of New Keep rejoiced and had a welcoming party for me and the boys. It was a party to remember, and boy did we really remember it in the morning. Jax should know better than challenge me in a drinking game! The town granted us the wizards tower, which we’ll rebuild as a heroes headquarters per say. Skaldred has some wacky wizard ideas of this new magic called plumbing? Now local legends, we left with a trail of happy citizens behind to report to the mages guild the unfortunate dismemberment of Mr. Andromis. I find in battle words are meaningless, unless of course you cast a spell of destruction, decimation, or any other spell with catastrophic outcomes. I’ll stick to my arrows thank you, my mouth can be better served in other arenas, huzzah!!!
The Adventrues Up-to-now
Adventrue Blog

The Story Begins….

Our Story started on a simple day, waiting the birthday of our close friend and Princess, Princess Lathina. In a week she will be turning 18 and the entire city of Waterdeep is bustling with excitement because this is sure to be the grandest party ever held. The Mage’s District is adding their part which is sure to be exciting, while the Elvin District is helping with the gardens, and fine place settings, The Halfling and Nome district is bringing in the finest Ales, Meads, and Wines, and We, hahaha well we’ve been sent to get the food….

Upon speaking with a very over reactive head chef Chef Pierre we’ve found out that all of the meat stores have been handled poorly. They apparently are over salted and a bit old and gamey. He is sending us out for more meat Dear, Bore, and if we can find them Giant Owls for the main course. Our hunt went very well, with the exception that the Mage almost died from falling off a tree that he shouldn’t have tried climbing in the first place. I mean come on, who has ever seen a mage clime more than a marble step hahaha. Anyway I digress, The hunt was fantastic and we were all ready to go When Hemloch Blackwood Decided to climb up the tree we thought the Owls were nesting in to see if maybe there was any loot to be had. As soon as he was up there though he had larger issues than finding Loot.

The Floating Mountains.

As Hemloch climbed onto the exposed branch where the owl was sitting he peered into the large owl hole, upon a quick inspection he found nothing of value within the owls old home. Turning to climb down the tree once again he looked up over the tree tops viewing the magnificent horizon and the two floating cities and what appeared to be an air war, it was a great day….wait what? An Air war, Floating Cities?!? what the hell is going on here. We could barely imagine what was actually going on when one of the massive ships crashed in to the ground about a mile from here. We quickly decided that we would return the meat and then investigate this crash. When we met up with the crash we found no survivors off the bat all that we found was a destroyed ship with many different races aboard, all dead. on the ship where one would normally find a steering column all we found was some type of a crystal. As we finished inspecting the rear end of the ship there was a noise outside and an Orc was walking thru the woods looking a little afraid and calling out something, later we’d find out from Jax that he was simply calling out to see if there was anyone else left alive. There wasn’t and with Jax’s assistance there still wasn’t as he slid quietly up behind the wary Orc and slit his throat. The front of the ship was just about the same only we found another crystal in the very head of the ship that was talking to us within our minds. We got quite a bit of info off of the crystal but decided to break the damn thing when it told us that other ships were coming to find us. as we ran like our lives depended on it, mainly because they probably did we saw three more ships come looming in over the treetops. That was enough of that for us for the time being.

Help In the Kitchen

On our return we were asked haha more like directed and yelled at to go find another Head Chef to help out Chef Pierre in the kitchen, easy task right…. Well we found this head Chef and masterfully dismissed all of his awakened household appliances, and a Mephit that was causing havoc. Unfortunately for us though Both Jax’s and Hemloch were taken down by his venom. As soon as the Chefs wife returned home though she was able to snap Jax and Hemloch back from paralysis and offered any help in the future that she could do.

The Old Church

Well we finally made it back to Waterdeep the party was a grand event and after we had drank as much as we could, tossed our cookies and drank some more we were given a parting gift at the door of blessed sobriety. hahaha Turns out that Our Mage decided to join the Mage’s guild and from time to time they have different tasks for Mages Guild associates. We decided to go and check it out.

The task seems pretty simple head to this village and check out why there is a lack of communication coming from this town. doesn’t really seem like to much of a big deal so eh why don’t we head out tonight. We traveled for about two days before we really decided we needed a place to rest. We drifted off the road for about 30 minutes and found an old church. This seems like as good a place to crash for the night as any we thought, haha we were soon to miss judge this one big time. The day went by peacefully however with the night also came the damn zombies. it was a long hard battle as zombie after zombie crawled thru the windows We lost Jax as he turned in to a zombie right after he fell. We think it could be the water, but we don’t know. Now we’re on our way back to the last town about a day away to see if we can find a cure hopefully we can bring Jax back, Hopefully it wasn’t really the water as we all drank from it……

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