Staff of Mystra

Jason's Staff


The Staff is a stone staff that has been infused with gold, silver, cold Iron, Adimantium. the metal seems to continuously flow thru the stone staff constantly moving and adjusting their placement within the staff. Although apon looking at the staff one might think that this staff would way nearly a hundred pounds if not more. However the staff is as light as a typical wooden staff.

Discovered Abilities

Staff of Mystra


1. +1d6 vs. none spell casters, Stone Recall (as long as you are apon the same stone that the staff was lost within it can be pulled out of any stone surface.)


The history of the Staff of Mystra is uncertin. all that is known for sure is that it was found in a once lost anciant battle ground. Rumers have spread from it being the creative ingeanus of a low level wizard attempting to portray his abilities further than he actually could, while others say it was the staff of a titan, and yet still some say that it is infact the Staff of Mystra herself.

Staff of Mystra

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