Bow of Elvin Leaniage

Hemloch's Bow

weapon (ranged)

The bow is finly crafted from cherry wood giving it a red luster, the wood has been carved with ancent symbols and language. The string on the bow is actually a very tiny weave of mitheral and spider silk.

What has been discovered about the bow;

Bow of Elvin Leaniage

Composite long bow


1. +1d6 vs. none Elvin, none nature kind


This bow is made of anchent cherry wood crafted by a cherry wood Int made of his own branches. it was passed down to the Aspara Elves a green elevin tribe who live primarily in the high forest however small villages and small family groups are found in smaller forests and a few even living within [[Waterdeep]]

Bow of Elvin Leaniage

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