The Acurla Campagine

The Etten of New Keep

Two Heads Aren't Better Than One!

In recollection of toils, spoils, and good ole’ times Jax, Skaldred, and I your wiley ranger Hemloch discoverd there was some “Big” trouble in the hovel soon to be wealthy suberb of Waterdeep – New Keep. Skaldred our trusty wizard got a rookie gig from his mage guild in Waterdeep to check on a colleague Stephen Andromis. It didn’t take long to find out Stephen met a gruesome end in the hands of a giant. “You Shall Not Pass!” were unfortunately his last words followed by screams of agonizing pain, poor chap. Meeting the town’s magistrate Aranda and local constable Malwick we learned that for the past several months New Keep has been terrorized by this unruly giant. This particular giant had two heads and would destroy buildings, eat livestock, and murder the inncoent folk of New Keep. Obviously as heroes we couldn’t help but to use our finely tuned skills and slay this two headed monstrosity! Peculiar enough this beast came on particular nights, kneeling before the temple of Heronius, praying and left somewhat of a riddle on the outer wall of the temple. With the riddle in our heads and weapons in our hands we set off. It wasn’t too hard tracking the giant, especially with my superior tracking skills I might add. During the journey to the giants lair we encountered a short bearded bugger in the woods, a DWARF!!! This particular dwarf was having a bad day with a couple of nasty ogres. Long story short we made shortwork with the ogres and with gratitude Gkolf Stonelode the wise dwarf joined the party. In a clearing two hours from New Keep we discovered what was left of a town, known as Old Keep. It was in ruins, with nobody in sight. Our trail led us up the hill beyond the town to a tower. No giant to be found we investigated further inside of the tower to find remnants of victims, an alchemy lab, and an armory. Without much warning, due to Jax enjoying one of his strategically placed naps, the giant was upon us. However, he actually talked to us, not squish are heads into jelly. That would be soon however if we didn’t leave immediately. Skaldred and Gkolf Stonelode were having a chit chat with 4 eyes and discovered he was cursed. Apparently, not long ago, his group of adventurers were trying to kill an evil wizard that resided in this very tower. His companions parished except for a cowardly rogue that fled. He himself, a warrior priest of Heronius, was polymorhed and cursed into this giant or more accurately an ettin by the dying wizard. Having two heads he also had a split personailty. Asking for his god Heronius to change him back, in horror he was left to face the life of a ettin. Ignored by his god he took vengeance on others, resorting to the evil god Hexor he embraced this hate. Nonetheless, he wanted us to slay him to end this madness. Jax and I noticed that there was a lynch mob coming from the town. We tried to prevent them for their own safety from interrupting the conversation we were having. Soon we realized the only way to save him. We’d have to slay the evil head. Through some unheard of heroics, especially the crazy Skaldred, the party succeeded. The cursed ettin begged Heronius and asked for forgiveness for his sins. Prayers answered he was released from this prison. He gratefully thanked us, and left for his homeland. Funny thing is, I don’t recall his name? I guess we were too occupied with the evil head bashing our heads. The town of New Keep rejoiced and had a welcoming party for me and the boys. It was a party to remember, and boy did we really remember it in the morning. Jax should know better than challenge me in a drinking game! The town granted us the wizards tower, which we’ll rebuild as a heroes headquarters per say. Skaldred has some wacky wizard ideas of this new magic called plumbing? Now local legends, we left with a trail of happy citizens behind to report to the mages guild the unfortunate dismemberment of Mr. Andromis. I find in battle words are meaningless, unless of course you cast a spell of destruction, decimation, or any other spell with catastrophic outcomes. I’ll stick to my arrows thank you, my mouth can be better served in other arenas, huzzah!!!



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