The Acurla Campagine

New Keep's new problem

While takeing a little break from our last big adventure Hemloch came accross a new job for our group. Once again it is to save New Keep. I swear that town is just falling apart.

Anyhow, apparently this little halfling came up to Hemlock and gave him a job to do something about finding this mans ring and sponge…yeah a ring an sponge… eh why not we’ll give it a shot plus they are offering 3,000 gold each for finding these things somehting tells me that this isn’t just a normal ring and sponge.

Well apparently after we asked a few questions it turns out that it isn’t just a normal ring and a sponge. Apparently the man is a best man for a wedding in a week and the sponge is magical and has the power to drain entire lakes. Well we decided to keep prying and apparently some bugbears got ahold of the sponge and the ring and have been causing some havoc with it. including draining the lake that feeds the river that feeds New Keep.

We finally get down to New Keep to discover that the village has been without water for about a month or so and that there is a new person to the village. Iv somthing they call him. We make our way over to this guy and find out that he’s actually a pretty decent person and pretty good with animals so we invite him on our quest to find this band of bugbears and get back the ring and sponge that they have taken.

I came up with a pretty damn good plan if I say so myself and find a cart at the local store borrow it two horses and some barrels and we head out to ride to Sucomber to see if we can get high jacked by this band of theives. Well, it wasn’t exactly the Bugbears that we thought we would find but we do run across a destroyed cart and a handfull of some disgusting goblins. They were easily dispatched and we even retained 3 for questioning.

It turns out that there is only one bugbear, but along with him are two ogres, some dog faced people, and a very pretty green skinned woman. We convinced them…maybe not the politest way but still effective to take us to where the bugbear is staying. After traveling thru the woods for a few hours we come over a ridge and see the lake that has been completely drained, and off in the distance is where the encampment is, says the 3 goblins. Lets hope they are right about the location and wrong about the numbers….

It turns out that so far the numbers were correct. We decided to take a break since it was close to night time. While we were asleep, making sure to keep all light out and stay hidden, 3 more goblins wandered up to the drained lake in search of food. Gaulf and I came up with a great idea to lure the goblins to us instead of just attacking them or waiting for them to leave. Our thinking is well we can take them out now on our terms or wait and fight them later on their terms. It worked immaculately, we slayed all three without anyone of them making a sound. With a full rest and a new idea we decided to approach the cave opening and lure more out to us as we were sitting there tying to figure out how to lure them out it seems that the ogre came up with an idea for us and sent out another band of 4 goblins to come find their companions. once again we took this small band out without making a sound.

It seems that our luck was on par and we might continue to pick away at their numbers if we just continue to lure them out a few at a time. Until the ogre decided that those damn goblins should be back already and started stomping into the forest with the four remaining goblins. this battle however wasn’t quite. It seemed that everyone took damage, including me but I didn’t let that stupid ogre think that it would ever be okay for him to attack me. I returned a strike every time he hit me. The good news was that we were able to take out all of the outside guards and not alert anyone on the inside of the cave.

We decided that the best option at this point would be to try and smoke out the cave inhabitants. So we went into the woods in search for wood to start a fire at the cave opening. While the rest of the group was out looking for wood Skaldred decided to stay put and keep an eye open on the cave opening. Three orcs came out of the cave looking for the ogre but found Skaldred instead. we heard the sounds of one of the orcs call out for the Ogre and we all started charging to the cave opening knowing that our mage was there alone.

The battle was quickly finished, however one of the orcs slipped into the cave to warn the others, but we didn’t let this deter us. We decided to go ahead and light the fire anyway. After 3 hours of nothing happening we decided to take a rest and regain our strength after a good 8 hour rest we broke down the fire which had been spewing thick smoke into the cave system for the past 11 hours. as we let the smoke die down we prepared for the army inside.

We entered the cave system finding nothing but two dead goblins who had choked to death in the thick black smoke. This has got to be a great sign so we continued down the hallway, ending up looking down a passage at two orcs and two gnolls arrows drawn just waiting for us. They made their pathetic pop shots but we charged the group killing 3 of them quickly leaving the last for questioning. He opened up to us realizing that we will allow him to live only if he gives us the best information and we are able to live. After finding out where the sponge and the ring are we also asked him about traps and he was up front about where he knew there were traps. Honestly, as far as I’m concerned I kind of like this gnoll. Yeah we’re on opposite sides but as long as he doesn’t harm us or give us bad information then I might just let him live and work for us at the keep.

Well we know have the information that we need now we just need to use it….



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