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The Story Begins….

Our Story started on a simple day, waiting the birthday of our close friend and Princess, Princess Lathina. In a week she will be turning 18 and the entire city of Waterdeep is bustling with excitement because this is sure to be the grandest party ever held. The Mage’s District is adding their part which is sure to be exciting, while the Elvin District is helping with the gardens, and fine place settings, The Halfling and Nome district is bringing in the finest Ales, Meads, and Wines, and We, hahaha well we’ve been sent to get the food….

Upon speaking with a very over reactive head chef Chef Pierre we’ve found out that all of the meat stores have been handled poorly. They apparently are over salted and a bit old and gamey. He is sending us out for more meat Dear, Bore, and if we can find them Giant Owls for the main course. Our hunt went very well, with the exception that the Mage almost died from falling off a tree that he shouldn’t have tried climbing in the first place. I mean come on, who has ever seen a mage clime more than a marble step hahaha. Anyway I digress, The hunt was fantastic and we were all ready to go When Hemloch Blackwood Decided to climb up the tree we thought the Owls were nesting in to see if maybe there was any loot to be had. As soon as he was up there though he had larger issues than finding Loot.

The Floating Mountains.

As Hemloch climbed onto the exposed branch where the owl was sitting he peered into the large owl hole, upon a quick inspection he found nothing of value within the owls old home. Turning to climb down the tree once again he looked up over the tree tops viewing the magnificent horizon and the two floating cities and what appeared to be an air war, it was a great day….wait what? An Air war, Floating Cities?!? what the hell is going on here. We could barely imagine what was actually going on when one of the massive ships crashed in to the ground about a mile from here. We quickly decided that we would return the meat and then investigate this crash. When we met up with the crash we found no survivors off the bat all that we found was a destroyed ship with many different races aboard, all dead. on the ship where one would normally find a steering column all we found was some type of a crystal. As we finished inspecting the rear end of the ship there was a noise outside and an Orc was walking thru the woods looking a little afraid and calling out something, later we’d find out from Jax that he was simply calling out to see if there was anyone else left alive. There wasn’t and with Jax’s assistance there still wasn’t as he slid quietly up behind the wary Orc and slit his throat. The front of the ship was just about the same only we found another crystal in the very head of the ship that was talking to us within our minds. We got quite a bit of info off of the crystal but decided to break the damn thing when it told us that other ships were coming to find us. as we ran like our lives depended on it, mainly because they probably did we saw three more ships come looming in over the treetops. That was enough of that for us for the time being.

Help In the Kitchen

On our return we were asked haha more like directed and yelled at to go find another Head Chef to help out Chef Pierre in the kitchen, easy task right…. Well we found this head Chef and masterfully dismissed all of his awakened household appliances, and a Mephit that was causing havoc. Unfortunately for us though Both Jax’s and Hemloch were taken down by his venom. As soon as the Chefs wife returned home though she was able to snap Jax and Hemloch back from paralysis and offered any help in the future that she could do.

The Old Church

Well we finally made it back to Waterdeep the party was a grand event and after we had drank as much as we could, tossed our cookies and drank some more we were given a parting gift at the door of blessed sobriety. hahaha Turns out that Our Mage decided to join the Mage’s guild and from time to time they have different tasks for Mages Guild associates. We decided to go and check it out.

The task seems pretty simple head to this village and check out why there is a lack of communication coming from this town. doesn’t really seem like to much of a big deal so eh why don’t we head out tonight. We traveled for about two days before we really decided we needed a place to rest. We drifted off the road for about 30 minutes and found an old church. This seems like as good a place to crash for the night as any we thought, haha we were soon to miss judge this one big time. The day went by peacefully however with the night also came the damn zombies. it was a long hard battle as zombie after zombie crawled thru the windows We lost Jax as he turned in to a zombie right after he fell. We think it could be the water, but we don’t know. Now we’re on our way back to the last town about a day away to see if we can find a cure hopefully we can bring Jax back, Hopefully it wasn’t really the water as we all drank from it……



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